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XAML Icon Studio

Provides simply and fast XAML and raster graphics

Step 1: Choice of a Design Step 2: Choice of the graphic (s) Step 3 (Optionally): Combination with Overlay, coloration, background Step 4: Definition of the export size Step 5: Export in the XAML, PNG, GIF, BMP or ICO format

High resolution graphics

With XAML Icon Studio you obtain high-resolution graphics in any dimensions.

About the setting DPI you fix the image quality. With a setting of e.g. 300 DPI graphics looks great also in a size of 16 Px and 24 Px. The resizing is carried out about vector paths and not about pixel. Thus high-quality graphics are also generated with a scaling to 1024 Px and with 300 DPI. Today also in web pages more and more graphics are used in the format PNG in a resolution by 150 or 300 DPI.

Graphics for DPI aware desktop applications

For a consistent appearance of an UI on monitors with different DPI settings and high-resolution screens you need additional functions in your application. With these functions you check by the start of the application the current DPI setting or react at change of the DPI settings or the change on another monitor. The Tutorial “DPI aware applications” from Microsoft offers moreover a detailed explanation. WPF Applications are already system DPI aware. XAML Icon Studio offers  the suitable graphics in the format XAML WPF. Conventional Icon Sets do not offer support with suitable graphics to create DPI aware applications. XAML Icon Studio allows you to create the required sizes derivatives for the graphics. In your application you react upon a change of DPI with the selection of the appropriate symbol size. On request we send you some samples graphics of your choice. So you can test your DPI aware application noncommittally with our samples graphics. The graphics created with the trial version are watermarked and are therefore only partially suitable for a quality test.

The Icon Library

You get 109 Icon sets with more than 16000 base graphics. In combination with Overlays and button backgrounds in various styles so several hundreds of thousands different graphics can be provided. XAML Icon Studio also allows colour changes. Thus you can adapt all graphics to your UI. There are 8 Desgin variants available: 
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Software Support:

The Icon library with Design Tool XAML Icon Studio
109 Icon Sets for only 119 €

Partner sites

www.Colibrico.de Colibrico Design Studio is a large icon library and a design tool. Colibrico automates the creation of icon sets. With design templates, you can create an icon set, including overlays, in seconds. Colibrico also allows the creation of button sets with the effect "Long Shadow". www.Iconshow.de Here you will find ready-made icon sets for many sectors.

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